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About Us

What makes our products unique?

Kodysharpe is led by the principles of design and innovation. We have a professional design team, an independent supply chain, and superior materials with fine workmanship.
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About Us

Delivering Shoes to Client 2007

Founded in 2007, the Kodysharpe brand is a professional brand focusing on the production and sales of footwear products. 

With our passion for creating high-quality footwear that combines fashion, comfort, and durability, we believe that every step you take should reflect your unique style and personality. 

Join the Kodysharpe community and let your feet do the talking. Step into a world of style, comfort, and confidence with our shoes. Kodysharpe is a fashion brand that provides high quality, comfort, and innovation oriented shoes. 

Our shoes have diversity and individuality in mind We have always been committed to providing high quality shoes and a high level of service. In the future, we will continue to develop more high-quality shoes to meet more customers demands and give the quality and comfort you expect in shoes.


Our First Shop

1698 Shingleton Road,Bridgman,Michigan
Telp. +269-466-5792

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